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To pass the IB Diploma requires a minimum score of 24 points (260 UCAS points), and the successful completion of the DP Core requirements which carry an additional 3 points. The maximum score achievable by any student is 45 points. 2016-12-23 The UCAS Tariff awards 768 points to the top IB score of 45. This recognises the breadth and depth of the IB diploma. The most common score of 30 attracts 419 UCAS Tariff points. This is inclusive of the extended essay, theory of knowledge and CAS (community, action, service), all core requirements of the Diploma Programme. IB Scoring System In IB, the highest scores you can get in subjects are 7’s.

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UPDATE: I remarked my Econ exam and got a 7 :) So now it's 44 points haha. ★ 10 tips on how to ace the IB and get straight 7s || How I study and organize ★ #AdelaIB 2019-01-28 My channel is primarily focused on the IB diploma, of which I achieved 43 points overall! My channel also focuses on the lead up to medical school, and I am currently studying medicine at the I graduated with my bilingual IB diploma in May '06 - I got 41 points total. Getting over 40 was my goal, and it's not impossible. While it is good to focus on exams and IAs as was suggested, you need to remember that homework and other "busywork" might count towards GPA, which is also another important factor in college admissions. The IBO curriculum uses a point system to assesses academic achievement.